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Stem Cell Center uses the world’s No. 1 stem cell equipment developed by the IDI Immunology Laboratory of Harvard Medical School, a prestigious university in the United States, and approved by FDA, BSI, and KFDA.

What is a stem cell?


The adult body is made up of 60 trillion cells of about 200 types. Most of the cells are applied only to intrinsic tissues such as skeletal, nerve, and muscle, but among many cells, there are special cells that have the ability to become other tissue cells. These are stem cells and have the characteristics of self-replicating and differentiation.
Stem cells change characteristics according to the environment in vivo, move to a place other than administration, Improve immunityAnd regenerate Improve body functionLet it go.


For Engraftment


Whole Body Strengthening


Cell Regeneration



We are using only the 

Smartrap approved by FDA and KFDA.


Since it is not cultivated with a number of patented technologies, the risk of infection is low, and a large amount of stem cells, sexual factors, leukocytes, etc., which are essential for regeneration, can be extracted, resulting in a faster and more reliable effect when transplanted.


Representative efficacy of stem cells


P-Selectin, the core of stem cell procedures


In the inactivated state, the level of protein activation that constitutes the cell membrane of platelets is injected into the human body after the P-Selectin value of the cell is activated is the same as injecting waste products. The Iron Plastic Surgery Clinic’s stem cells are able to extract large amounts of stem cells, growth factors, and white blood cells, which are essential for regeneration , without culturing with a number of patented technologies .

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