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Rojoni akter
Aug 03, 2022
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Structural thinking : Structural arrangement of the input information, that is, the modular arrangement of horizontal information, rather than the patchwork of information from the east and the west. Disassembly thinking : disassemble each action email list in detail, and then compare and analyze whether the connection between the action and the action affects the result data of the activity/task/project Connection thinking : analyze the reasons behind an event and the relationship behind different things. The review is definitely not only a partial analysis, but every department under the event is connected Empathy : Think not only from your own perspective, but also from the perspective of others, and avoid taking a one-sided view of the problem on the surface Compound interest thinking : not only to summarize the past, but also to summarize the future model that can generate compound interest 2) Misunderstanding Starting from a partial experience : Mistaking your own thoughts/cognition for the inadequacy of this matter There is no distinction between emotion and logic : Infiltrating emotion into the review, it is easy to be misled by one's own subjective emotional judgment, and confusing the logic information of the original review Take the phenomenon as the reason : for example, when you are doing a live broadcast with a video account, it is found in the review that there are not many people in the live broadcast room. At this time, it is concluded that the poor conversion rate of the product is caused by the insufficient number of people in the live broadcast room, which will cause you to fall into a trap. Misunderstanding of thinking, invalid review Treat the hypothesis as the result : This kind of hypothesis is the most dangerous review of the conclusion, which will cause another new thunder point in the next event
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Rojoni akter

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