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Elastic volume + pain relief + FDA-approved genuine filler type​

Filler is a substance that simply injects into various areas within a short period of time using an injection to remove wrinkles such as nasolabial folds and coarse glabellar lines, and to improve volume by filling the dark areas of the face. The effect appears immediately in a short time, so it is convenient and the treatment can be performed within 10 minutes.


Muscle relaxation + wrinkle removal + FDA approved genuine botox types

The effect of Botox depends on the dosage, degree of purification, concentration, accuracy of injection, reaction in the body, and individual differences. Repeated procedures are required to maintain the effect.


Natural skin regeneration + skin elasticity improvement

Shrink is a procedure that uses the latest HIFU technology to induce natural lifting and elasticity improvement in a non-surgical way. It is a safe procedure that has proven its effectiveness as it has a shorter treatment time and less pain than the existing HIFU equipment, so it hardly interferes with daily life, and has been approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. It promotes the regeneration of collagen elasticity oil, and through this, you can achieve lifting effects such as skin pulling over several months.


It reduces unnecessary fat on the face such as chubby cheeks, thick double chin, and protruding cheekbones without surgery, rather than a surgery to cut facial bones, and finds a smooth and slim face line through facial line correction and facial reduction effects.


Stem cells change characteristics according to the environment in vivo, move to a place other than administration, Improve immunityAnd regenerate Improve body functionLet it go.


The hyaluronic acid-based restyrene bite captures moisture within the skin and regenerates collagen, which not only moisturizes the skin and regenerates elasticity, but also improves skin texture, fine lines, and pores. The Iron Plastic Surgery Clinic uses only genuine restyrene slopes.

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