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Simply surgery to create double eyelid surgery does not make it beautiful.
The reason is that there is a different eye shaping method that works for me.

Eyes are one of the most important part.
KR Beauty recommends a surgical method which is natural and harmonious while preserving your unique individuality through consultation in consideration of individual features, facial balance, and skin type.

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Double Eyelid

The burial method is a surgical method to make a natural adhesion double eyelid by making a knot on the eyelid without skin incision. Considering the face image and proportion, a small hole is made according to the desired height of the double eyelid line.Scars are barely visible and recovery is quick. Investing method Double eyelid surgery is suitable for people with double eyelid tape or glue, or those with stretched eyelids due to aging, and those with thin eyelids with little eye fat.

Double Eyelid

which can be applied to all eyes, such as eyes with a lot of fat, thick eyelids, and muscles with a lot of muscle, makes an incision 30-70% more delicately than the existing incision line.It’s natural like my own eyes, but Surgery with low risk of being resolvedis. The iron burial method is a surgery close to the procedure.It takes 30 minutes to operate, minimizes side effects without scars, and makes 3~7 points suitable for the individual’s double eyelid line through pre-operative pre-operative examinations, and is solid with various knot methods determined according to tissue conditions. It is a surgical method that binds the tissues flexibly and adheres naturally, creating a double eyelid line that looks like it was from the beginning.



This is a surgery that corrects the ptosis to make the pupils look larger and more clear.
With ptosis correction, the eyes that look sleepy can be clearly revealed and changed into clear looking eyes.


Non-incisional Ptosis orrection

Non-incisional eye correction is an operation that is close to a procedure and minimizes side effects without scarring within a short time of 30 minutes. The Iron’s non-incisional eye correction is for non-incisional eye surgery. High quality thread and techinque is used to complete the clear eyes.

Non-incisional eye correction is possible if there is a certain degree of power to open the eyes, the degree of sagging of the eyelids is not severe, the fat on the eyelids is low and the skin of the eyelids is adequate. Since there is no incision, there are few scars and less swelling, so going back to normal daily life is immediately possible. Ptosis correction is more effective when operated with double eyelid surgery.

Incisional Ptosis Correction

Since ptosis correction requires delicate control of the muscles
of the eye, an incision of eye is made to reveal the structure of the eye. The surgeon is able to dissect and work on muscle more accurately.
By removing excessive fat, muscles, and skin, the eyes can look more clear and beautiful.

If you have a certain amount of strength to open your eyes, or if the sagging of your eyelids is not severe, you can have ptosis corrected with an incisional ptosis correction surgery. A definite before and after result can be made with a specialist with extensive experience and technique performs surgery to minimize scars.



The inner and outer corner eye opening procedure for bigger and brighter eyes.



If you have skin that covers the inner corner of your eyes (Mongolian folds) you are eligible for epicanthoplasty (inner eye corner opening) because the space between the eyes is wide and you may look little dull.
For single eyelids, double eyelid surgery is performed together for the maximum effect.

In order to express the perfect balance of the eyes on the face, surgery through an incision is the most efficient. The IRON Plastic Surgery uses special medical equipment for canthoplasty in considering the characteristics of the soft eye tissue. Perfectly balanced eyes are made with the IRON’s techinique.


Lateral / Lower Canthoplasty

Lateral canthoplasty surgery is an operation that makes the width of the eye longer.
To prevent the opened eyes from sticking back after surgery.

Combining lateral and lower canthoplasty, eyes can look bigger and softer overall.

Under Eye Fat Reposition

Remove the protruding fat under the eyes and rearrange the fat to make the dull eyes cool and bright.

Under Eye Fat Reposition.png

Undereye Fat Surgery to remove the root cause by type

The dark and dull shades under the eyes are largely classified into subeye fat protrusion type, skin penetration type, and pigmentation type. There are cases of one type, but most of them are multiple types. When removing fat, more delicately Remove only the necessary amount of fatIt is important to do. The effect will be greater if you use the under- eye fat repositioning and the under-eye charm and iron fat filler . The aegyo under the eyes fills the volume under the eyes for a lively and cute impression, while the iron fat filler can give the cheekbones a natural facial volume with a fat filler.

Under Eye Fat Graft

Under Eye Fat Graft is a surgery that makes the eyes look young and lively by making the skin under the eyes that protrude thickly when smiling .


Before and after

Undereye fat graft

Filling the volume under the eyes makes the eyes look more colorful and three-dimensional. If you have double eyelids and your eyes look flat even though your eyes are large, you can turn your eyes into a more gorgeous and bright look with aegyo treatment. Along with the sub- eye articulation, sub- eye fat rearrangement and iron fat filler are used to increase the effect. Repositioning the under-eye fat gives cool and bright eyes from dull eyes, while the iron fat filler can give natural facial volume to the cheekbones as a fat filler.

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